Friday, September 4, 2009

Fire Season

Firefighters: Prepare for the Worst, San Diego

The raging wildfires to the north could be a bad sign of what's to come in San Diego. Cal Fire is warning homeowners across the County to get ready for what could be a long and devastating fire season.

The U.S. Forest Service declared extreme fire danger Thursday for the Cleveland National Forest in San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties, the North County Times reported.

Forest Service officials told the paper they were making the change because the recent hot weather, the ongoing statewide drought and a large amount of dead plant material have left the oak-and-chaparral-covered forest tinder dry.

The warnings aren't only coming from firefighters -- they're also coming from city leaders who want people to be ready for the worst.

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Anonymous said...

keep these men and women in your prayers! they run toward what everyone one else runs from!