Thursday, September 10, 2009


I guess I have forgotten to blog about what our plans are... WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY ALL WEEKEND!! Ryan's parents got us an AMAZING anniversary gift - a three night stay up at Disney. I took off today and tomorrow from work. Ryan took off today. We will be heading to Disney for my birthday in a few hours (the park doesn't open till 10). Staying up in Anaheim will cut Ryan's commute down to about 10 minutes (rather than the 40+ minutes to drives twice a day every day right now). Tomorrow Ryan has to work so I am going to hang out at the hotel, maybe pop over at Disney, and then we will probably go back to the park tomorrow night to watch the fireworks. Saturday we will be hitting up the area (Ryan wants to go to Long Beach, etc) and of course watching some Michigan Football (GO BLUE). Sunday is Ryan's birthday so we will stop by Disney again!! YAY!! We are planning on bringing a computer so that we can geo cache and load pictures throughout the weekend. I probably won't be blogging much, but do check back early next week for pics and stories :)

Happy Birthday Weekend Ryan!! I LOVE YOU!!

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