Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Last night I got up to Vista a little early for the Pre-Marriage class so I stopped in to Ross (I am still looking for shoes for the wedding). I didn't find any shoes for the wedding, but I found my new favorite pair of sandals. They were the only ones in the whole store and they just happened to be my size... HURRAY!

The company is called "Simple". I don't know if they are in stores around the country, but I know for sure they are in the surf shops and stuff out here in Cali. Anyway, the company is super awesome. They use all sustainable products - hemp, recycled rubber tires, recycled plastics, etc. Anyway, I just wanted to give them a HUGE shoot out!! I love companies trying to make a difference and I really think that Simple may be on its way to changing the world (one part of shoes at a time :) ). Check out their site here.

Also, check out my photo of the day for yesterday (it is the tag for the sandals, Green Toe, how fun).

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