Thursday, April 3, 2008

Plastics in SD

Sadness, San Diego seems to be behind the times (at least compared to some of the other Cali cities).

Want to Recycle that Yogurt Cup? Not So Fast, Pal

If you live in Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Jose or San Francisco, you can toss a yogurt cup, compact disc case or plastic utensil into your recycling bin.

But if you live in San Diego, Chula Vista or unincorporated San Diego County, not so fast, pal. That plastic goes in the trash can.

Soda bottles and laundry detergent containers can be recycled in all California cities. Most large cities in California have found uses for the other, less common plastics: Grocery bags, foam packaging, milk cartons and yogurt cups. Some send them to China, some have found local businesses who want to reuse the material. But around San Diego, those miscellaneous plastics still go to the landfill. The city of San Diego estimates that its residents discard 60,000 tons annually of miscellaneous plastics and film plastics, which include garbage and grocery bags.

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