Friday, April 25, 2008

New fav

I found my new favorite dessert this past week while I was grocery shopping. I went down the pudding aisle, don't ask why, since I normally don't, and saw that the Handi Snacks were on sale. I also saw that they had a Fat Free version of the Vanilla (I would have gone Tapioca, but no Fat Free version). I figured I would try it, thinking that it would probably have no taste, but at least it would give me a little sweetness after dinner. Boy was I pleasantly pleased. It is actually very yummy. I was thinking that a interesting dessert might be to buy a graham cracker crust, pour some of that pudding in the crust, freeze it and then maybe cut up some fruit and put it on top... Maybe next time I need to make something I will think about that :) Well, just a heads up in case you were out looking for a new yummy dessert fix.

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