Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mattel and SD

Toy Giant Draws Inspiration From Local Firefighters
Fire Crews Recognized For Efforts In '07, '03 Wildfires

SAN DIEGO -- Firefighting certainly isn't child's play, but San Diego's Fire-Rescue Department hopes to stoke the imaginations of young and old through a new licensing agreement with Mattel.

The City Council approved the move Tuesday. As part of the deal, Mattel will manufacture and brand fire and rescue vehicles with San Diego's logo. The toy line would also include the department's aerial firefighter Copter 1 and the next aerial firefighting tool, Copter 2.

"Mattel said that they had heard great things about San Diego Fire-Rescue -- from the recent fires and the fires back in 2003 -- and with a new line of toys in 2008 they wanted to feature San Diego Fire-Rescue. It's pretty flattering," said Maurice Luque, department spokesman.

Cool story. Check out the rest of it here.

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