Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Register Mean Dogs?

Couple Wants Owners To Register Aggressive Dogs

An Escondido couple is trying to prevent dog-on-dog attacks by alerting the public about aggressive dogs.

Mark Kusick said his dog was attacked by a pit bull. He and his wife, Lisa, are spearheading an effort to get a regulations passed that would require aggressive dogs to be listed on a Web site similar to the Megan's Law database. The owner's name and address would appear on the site.

"We're just trying to give people some recourse," Mark said. "We're not trying to demonize any dogs."

After their dog was attacked on Jan. 1, Lisa sent a three-page proposal to members of the Escondido City Council with her idea, but the council has not discussed it in any of its meetings.

Dog owners at the Mayflower Dog Park in Escondido had mixed reactions to the idea.

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What are your thoughts? I think it could be a good thing, but maybe that is because I don't own an agressive dog...

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Anonymous said...

The dog on the left with the black on his head has got to be Quincy and the dog on the right with the brown on his head is obviously Tucker. "Battle on!!!"
Love and miss you alot!