Monday, July 30, 2007

The Science of Sleep

Saturday Ryan and I rented a couple movies, The Science of Sleep and Black Snake Moan. Both were quite strange, but I walked away really liking them both. The Science of Sleep may be one of my new favorite movies (I mean behind all my other favorites, of course, like Hook, Charlie and the Cholocate Factory, Love Me if You Dare, etc). Here is a synopsis:

Life seems to be looking up for shy and withdrawn Stephane when he is coaxed to return to his childhood home with the promise of a job, in the mundane world of copy setting. Wildly creative, his fanciful and sometimes disturbing dream life constantly threatens to usurp his waking world. Stephane is quickly drawn to his neighbor, Stephanie whose imagination easily matches his own. As their relationship blossoms, the confidence Stephane exudes in his dreams begins bleeding over into his real life. Unable to bear the prospect of a waking world without Stephanie's love, and with no satisfying solutions coming out of his dream world, Stephane faces a dilemma he may not be able to depend on the science of sleep to help him solve.

It reminds me of Love Me if You Dare. It is mostly in English, but some of it is French and Spanish. If you are up for it, I would definitely recomend it!

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