Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Day 3

Day 3 and I am still running, whoo hoo!! I am running a mile a day and then riding my bike for 5-8 miles as a cool down (I know that doesn't sound like a'cool down', but I find bike riding relaxing and much easier than running, hehe). I am going to try and get in contact with a coach of some sort (or maybe some high school runner friends) to see if they have any advice on my regimn. I am getting pretty excited about the thought of actually finishing a half marathon (and maybe sometime during the next 3 years a FULL marathon, 26.2 MILES! WOW). Anywho, the plan I have right now is to take Wednesday and possibly Saturdays as days off. I am planning on volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House on Wednesday (I go for my tour next week) and Saturday I usually hang out with Ryan. I figure taking a couple days off a week wil help me not to get burned out. Well, I will fill you in on my schedule once I really get one, right now I'm still trying to just start the habit. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING - DON'T FORGET IT!!

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