Monday, July 2, 2007

A runner

Carlee, a runner? I am sure that is not the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they think of me (or even one of any of the attributes they think of), but I am going to try and train myself to become one. Ryan had mentioned a week or so about training to run a half marathon next year. I don’t know if he was being serious or not, but I think that is something I would like to do. On the way to the beach Saturday morning I saw a sign for a Turkey Trot (5k race) up in Oceanside on Thanksgiving. It reminded me about the half marathon idea and so it started. Last night I started training to become a runner, hehe. Well, I know it isn’t much, but I ran my first mile last night (come on, you have to start somewhere right?). On the way home from getting groceries I mapped out a course (so I would know how long the run was). It took me less time than I thought it would. The last time I ran, don’t laugh, for running purposes was in high school for soccer practice. I am fine when I am chasing a ball or running to catch a Frisbee, but I have never really been one to just go out and run around for fun. I figured that if I can run a mile a day for July, then bump it up to 2 miles a day in August and 3 miles in September then I will be rockin’ by the time the Turkey Trot comes around in November (and also it would put me on pace, I hope, to be able to run the 13.1 miles in May of next year). Now I am blogging about this so that I can be held accountable, because I know it is going to be easy to justify not running (seeing as today it is 95 degrees out), but I am going to force myself to do it. I wanna run a half marathon, not walk, not rollerblade, but run. I want that to be one thing I can cross off my list of things to do in this life (along with traveling to all of the continents). I know I can do it, I really think it is going to be more mental than physical (I am sure if a dog was chasing me I could run from him, but without the puppy on my heels, I might lack motivation :) ). Wish me luck, today is day #2. (BTW – I think starting next week I will plan on waking up and running before I get ready for work, since it will be much cooler out then, but this week I am still getting into the swing of things, so in the evening will just have to do for a couple more days before I can force myself to wake up any earlier ).

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Tami said...

That's so awesome Carlee. I'm so proud of you for even thinking about it! I know you and you CAN do it!
And, just to encourage you, you have motivated me to get my lazy butt back in gear and go for that sprint triathlon I've been training and not training and training and not training for the past year.
Good job and good luck!