Sunday, July 1, 2007


Ryan and I saw 2 movies this weekend and I wanted to pass along my critics. We went and saw Ratatouille on Friday night. Now there are very few Disney movies that I see that I don't like (I must warn you though, I LOVE DISNEY, and if I think I might not like the movie I don't see it as to not taint my love for Disney). I also see most of the Pixar movies. If you haven't seen the previews for this movie, check them out. I give it TWO THUMBS UP! It was very cute, very child friendly, very family oriented, very heart warming, very clean, very well animated, very AWESOME all around. I would definitely recommend seeing it! Saturday night Ryan and I went and saw Evan Almighty. I have to admit I did not like Bruce Almighty. When I saw it (and I don't honestly remember if I sat through it all) I felt like it was sort of sac religious. I just got a bad feeling after watching it, so I was nervous when I saw that this one was coming out. I love Steve Carall so I thought we would give it a try (and it doesn't hurt that Loreli from Gilmore Girls plays his wife in it too). I have to say, I also give it TWO THUMBS UP! It was super funny. I didn't feel like it was sac religious at all. I think that everyone did a great job in it! I would also recommend seeing that one too. Also, during the previews for Ratatouille we saw a movie that I am pumped to see. It doesn't come out until Thanksgiving, but it should be a good one. It has Natalie Portman and Dustin Hoffman in it. It is about a magical toy store. It is called Wonder Emporium. Well, that's enough movie criticism for me :) Hope you enjoyed!

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Jon said...

Evan Almighty is super hilarious. After seeing the movie I heard people talking about the difference between the story and the story in the Bible. This movie can be a life changing experiance for some people.