Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Knee Update

I wanted to update everyone on my status of my knee. It is on its way back to 100% health, I think. I still have not gone to the doctor, but I am able to walk without limping so I think I will stay away from the doc's for a while at least. I was chatting with my mom yesterday and she asked when I was planning on starting to run again. I think I will wait until next week, to make sure everything is back to normal, before I hurt it again or something. This week I plan on going out to look for some good running shoes so that hopefully the shoes will prevent any more aches. My mom also made a good suggestion, she mentioned that I should start riding my bike before I start running again. I think next week I will start riding every day and then the following week I will begin my running regimen again. I will keep you all updated once I start it up again.

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