Monday, June 18, 2007

The Closer

The new season of The Closer starts tonight. I don't know if anyone other than me and my mom watch this show that reads this blog, but I am pumped. The Closer is a good show, and at least I will have something to follow now that Gilmore Girls was canned. The show is on TNT and tonight is the Season Premier, which they will show COMMERCIAL FREE! How often do you get that (unless you have Tivo or something like that)!! Here is the synopsis of tonight's episode:

In the third-season opener, Brenda and the team investigate the grisly slaying of a family, and the only survivor is the drug-addled teen son. Meanwhile, a financial crisis rocks the LAPD, bringing about budget cuts, numerous changes --- and possibly Provenza’s early retirement. And Fritz hopes to move into a new house with Brenda.

Can't wait!!

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