Wednesday, June 13, 2007

8 days

8 days until I get on a plane again. The mini vacation (and by mini I mean flying out Thursday night around 11pm and flying back in Sunday night around 9pm) is coming so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I booked my flight for the wedding and now I am going to have to start packing soon (yes, as I am sure you have come to realize by now I am a 'planner' and have things done far in advance, packing being one of them). I am pumped to go back home and see my padres for a day (we will be going to the Toledo Zoo and doing a little geo caching as well). I am also excited to see everyone at the wedding, since I haven't seen most of them sine graduation last year (b/c I moved out here 4 days after I graduated). I am not so excited about the red eye flights and the lack of sleep I am sure I will get, but I can sleep when I'm dead, right Mom?! I am also not sure I am excited about the Michigan humidity (I am used to the high humidity meaning 35% in San Diego) or sitting in a car with 3 other guys to drive up to the tip of the thumb of Michigan, but at least it will be memorable, huh? 8 days left...

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