Friday, June 15, 2007

Bring out the Broom

Bring out the broom, the Spurs SWEPT the Cavs!! Whoo hoo!! As I noted earlier, I was at my 4 hour hair cut, but I did catch some post game interviews on Sports Center. Parker was the Finals MVP and more importantly, the Cavs lost :) .

This wasn't their first NBA title. But for the Spurs, it's the maybe the one that means the most.
Champions for a fourth time in nine years, they're now a dynasty. "I don't care where we fall in history," Parker said. "I just feel blessed, honored and privileged to play on a team like this."

I think that the Pistons probably would have lost to the Spurs also, but at least it wasn't us they embarrassed. Just kidding Cav fans :)

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