Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites

The first full week after the holidays always seems to take FOR-EV-ER! Thankfully Friday is FINALLY here and it's time to PAR-TAY! Okay, okay, we don't actually have any partys on the calendar, but we DO have our normal Friday night chips-and-salsa date on the docket ;) Anywho, back to the main event: a list of things I'm loving lately and think you might enjoy!

REI's No Buts Night Run

I received an email last week from REI about a virtual night run they're hosting with Ragnar. Put your excuses behind you! There are a million and one reasons not to run on January 31st. It's cold. It's dark. Your heater and fuzzy slippers are calling your name. But REI is asking you to put your 'buts' behind you, and join them as they host REI's No Buts Night Run. Shorter days just mean we have to get creative with our running. Grab your headlamp and a friend, and join the virtual night run. Not only will you get in some miles, but you'll also be doing good! For every person who pledges and runs in the dark, REI will donate $1 to the American Hiking Society up to a total of $10,000. Pledge to run HERE. You can also RSVP the Facebook event HERE, invite your friends and share your photos across social media with the hashtag #NightRun. This challenge is all about putting your excuses behind you. It's not necessarily about going fast, or going far. It's about going — out of your comfort zone, into the dark, and beyond your wildest imagination. (PS You'll receive an email on February 1st, asking you to confirm you ran, but will not need to submit your miles... #HonorSystem)

Build Your Own QALO

Apparently I am pretty late to the game on this (but what else is new?!), but did you know that you can customize your own QALO ring?! I think it's AMAZING! First you choose a silhouette (gender and ring type), then you pick the color (based on the silhouette you will have different color options), then you get to select exterior and interior customization (for example, you can add words {and the font used}, designs {like trees, dots, scallops, etc}, or even monogrammed initials). You guys know I love me my QALO rings (at last count I have 18), and this makes the possibilities ENDLESS!

ROADiD Elite Bands

When I started running I knew I needed to make sure I had safety nets in place (not only in case something happened, but also to alleviate the worry from my mom and hubby). One of my first running purchases (after shoes) was a ROADiD. The brand's mission is two-fold: One, to educate outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of wearing ID. Two, to provide these athletes with innovative identification products that they will want to include as part of their gear. Their dream is to see the day where wearing ID is as common among athletes as wearing a seatbelt is among motorists. For the past 5ish years I've been rocking the Sport ID (I have tiny wrists and those were the only ones I could synch enough to fit). I finally upgraded to the Elite ID a few days ago and am STOKED! Not only do you get to cut the band as long as you need so it fits specifically on your wrist, but they also have fun badges you can add to customize your ID (I have one with a heart and one that says 'run')! Now if I could just get them to bring back to aqua/ turquoise colored band I'd be all set ;) PS If you use THIS LINK you can save $5 on your order {and then I get $5 towards a purchase as well - it's a WIN-WIN... but it has ZERO impact or influence on my recommending the product - like I mentioned, I've been rocking them for YEARS!}. 

I normally don't wear it "clasp" up, but because I didn't think everyone needed
the contact info for my hubby or mi madre or my allergies, I spun it around. 

USPS Informed Delivery

I posed the question on social media a few weeks back, asking folks how many times they check their mail. Our boxes are at the front of our condo complex, so I tend to check it less frequently than I should. I mentioned that I thought it was safe, since the boxes are locked (as opposed to just your standard mailbox on the street), but a friend of mine who is also a police officer mentioned how they are targeted more frequently because "bad guys" can hit a lot of them all at once. Okay, that changed my tune a bit and I started trying to remember my mail key more frequently. Then another friend mentioned USPS Informed Delivery. Apparently the USPS scans letter-sized mailpieces that are processed through automated equipment somewhere along the way and you can receive an email DAILY with updates as to what you should expect in your mailbox (that way if some sort of theft has occurred you know what was missing). I signed up a couple weeks ago and love the FREE service! Now, if we don't have mail (or if it's just the bulk flyers that I can't get them to stop delivering) then I don't have to worry about checking it! They'll also send you a notice when packages are delivered.


She Can & She Did Buffs

Did you see Kelly announce the She Can & She Did buffs?! I was late to the buff game (just like about everything cool), but now that I'm in "the know", you best believe I am stocking up on amazing ones when I see them! The buffs aren't officially released yet (although, like the video said, it's gonna be like Hunger Games when they do go on sale because the first run was very small, so it'll be hard to get your hands on them), but when they are out I am pretty sure I NEED one!

What are you loving lately?

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