Thursday, March 9, 2017

Healthy Habits ((Updated))

Okay, so it's been a little over a week since I posted about the Healthy Habits I was aimed at tackling over the Lent season. Well, it's been a little over a week and I have to be honest, I am stopping two of the five...

Apple Cider Vinegar

I had heard so many awesome things about this stuff. Folks have said it helps with an array of ailments ranging from headaches to digestion and just about everything in between.


Although the smell still makes me want to gag, I was finally able to start getting it down the trap when I added 8 ounces of water, 1 tablespoon of agave nectar and the juice of a fourth of a lemon to the 2 tablespoons of ACV. I know I probably needed to give it longer than 10 days, but I decided to stop. My mouth was getting a little weird (sort of like when you eat too many pickles and the inside of your cheek starts to get prune-y) and since I didn't have any noticeable benefits I thought I'd stop. {{PS I am not 100% that the mouth "weirdness" was from the ACV, but since that was one of the only things that I knew I had changed I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry and cut it out.}}

Three Positives

I knew that this habit was going to be the hardest, I guess I just didn't realize HOW hard. But I didn't stop because it was hard... or at least that is what I'm telling myself. So, in case you didn't read the post with my healthy habits, one of them was about keeping a journal and writing down three positive things about myself every day (in hopes of increasing my self-esteem and helping me to see just how amazing I really am ;)).

Well, when I realized that I was having to Google "positive attributes" by the second day of the month I knew I was going to be in trouble. In fact, instead of helping me love myself more it was reinforcing how much I disliked myself (and how I couldn't even think of six positives). Now I am not saying that I'm giving up on working on my self-esteem, but I've ruled out the journal as the way to tackle that goal.


Let's be honest, I did NOT want to share this post with the world (and by world I mean my parents who religiously read my blog and the four other of you who check in occasionally ;)). Who enjoys telling folks that they failed/ dropped the ball/ came up short? I know I don't... but hopefully by now you know I gotta #KeepItReal and appreciate the fact that I am going to shoot straight with you no matter what. And you know what?! I am still rocking the Squat/ Push-Up Challenge, flossing daily and haven't had sweets for over a week - so I guess I am batting over .500!

So here's to finding what works and what doesn't, taking the positives and leaving the negatives, and moving on with life with our heads held high because we are doing the best to be our best!

Did you give up anything or add any healthy habits for Lent?


Sarah Welch said...

I also tried ACV -- and made it 6 days. My tongue was starting to get a little raw and I thought maybe it was too much acid? Like you, better safe than sorry, I stopped also.

Three Positives - this is tough stuff! I can name a bunch of positive things about you in a matter of minutes. You're kind, thoughtful, caring, giving. Compassionate, friendly. You are selfless, beyond inspiring and motivating. You take awesome photos, have a beautiful smile and soul. You are a goal getter, you dig deep and your funny! You can pull off short hair or long hair.

You are an amazing human being and the world needs more YOU in it. It's hard for us to compliment ourselves. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Lastly, so you know, I'm a a die-hard reader. Fairly certain I read all 261 posts from 2016. <3 <3 <3 #YOUaremakingadifference

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing :). Glad you decided to post it and keep it real. As for Lent, I never give anything up, but rather use Lent as a time to be a better person. I try to do more things for others, say nicer things, and give more of myself. I find that I get more out of Lent by doing this. Carlee you are amazing! You make my heart happy at least once a week whether it's a text I get from you or an IG post that touches me. Now you just need to believe you are amazing! Hugs girl!

Scarabocchio Girl said...

Well well, I'm about to start drinking apple cider vinegar, I want to try it too, then I'll see.
For me it's hard to keep drinking Golden Milk, for example, because you should do it for at least 40 days in a row....and I always miss some day. I think the good things for our body, are also the hardest to follow!
But in some cases, as yours, if you think they're not good for you, just leave them! Anyone is different....

Sara said...

Been slacking on the commenting on blogs department lately, maybe I should take up being more interactive on social media for lent! I love your 3 positives, even if it didn't work. I have a similar journal where I try to write one positive thing about every day, no matter how small. There are definitely weeks or months that I forget or feel like nothing good happened but it's always there when I want to pick up the habit again.