Thursday, March 30, 2017

Three Things Thursday

Okay, so normally I would do this post tomorrow, for my Friday Favorites, but my book recap has to be posted on the last day of the month (at least that's what I am telling myself), so I moved this one up a day and slightly changed the name (what can I say?! I love me some alliteration ;)).

IRL #TeamSparkle Virtual 5K Group Runs

As you hopefully remember, last week was the deadline to register for the #TeamSparkle Virtual 5K (crossing my fingers you all got in before it closed). Well, in case you registered for the run but hate the idea of running "alone", there are some group runs being organized! And, if you're lucky, there one may be near you to join! So far runs are being organized in Orlando, FL; Salisbury, MD; Orange, CA; Boston, MA; and Eau Claire, Calgary. For more information about each event, check out Sparkle Athletic's "events" tab on Facebook. PS The hubby and I are in for the Orange meet-up Saturday morning! Hope to see some of you out there!

Handful's Spring Line

Okay, so I had this whole grand idea of doing a post specific to the new Spring Line from Handful (and even modeling all of the gear that they sent me), but then I got self conscious... I told myself it would be vain of me to post the pictures, not to mention I do not feel fit or strong and was pretty embarrassed of the way I looked anyway. But just because I am not sharing my photos doesn't mean I can't share about the AMAZINGNESS of the new line! Handful has added BOTTOMS, more TOPS and even more BRAS (including new patterns AND new styles)! PS The newly redesigned website looks AMAZEBALLS too if you haven't noticed! {And if you use "CARLEEMCDOT" as the discount code you will save 10% on your order - SCORE!}

Momentum Jewelry SALE

If you follow me on social media, there is a 99.9869% chance you have seen a picture of my wrist and therefore a piece of Momentum Jewelry. I love their motivate wraps (and just about everything else they offer). In case you are like me and you LOVE bright colors, it's your lucky day! Momentum is having a SPRING SALE on some of the wraps - 15% off specific colors! These are great for yourself or as gifts for others (stock up for stocking-stuffers, milestone achievements, birthdays, etc). This sale is only until April 15th, so hurry on over and order TODAY!

What are three things you are STOKED about today?

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