Tuesday, February 7, 2017

REVIEW: The Mitten State

Although I've lived in the San Diego area for over 10 years now, my heart will always belong to Michigan. Shoot, I love it so much I even have a outline of the state (along with a banner that says "Smitten") on my bicep.

With that said, one of my favorite Michigan clothing brands, The Mitten State, reached out to me to try out their new women's shirts (they partnered with a well know designer in Michigan to create the world's best women's tees and wanted to get the opinion of real ladies wearing their gear). Well, after the shock that they would be reaching out to little ol' ME wore off I jumped on the opportunity!

I was STOKED to open the mailbox and find this box!

You see, not only does my heart and ink reflect my love for my 'home', but my clothes do too! What can I say? 

These are just a few of the items I have in my closet from The Mitten State... not to mention the ones the hubby owns!

The Mitten State sent me two of their new tees and, as you could have guessed, I'm IN LOVE! They're super soft and comfy. I normally order men's tees because I like the fit better, but was thrilled when the female shirts fit well. I loved the length, the subtle hourglass shape and even though I normally don't buy "scoop neck" tees, I was pleasantly surprised!

It's great to be a MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!

My contact joked and said that since it's in the twenties not very many people would be bearing their arms for a while and was thrilled to get my thoughts before the warmer temps made an appearance back in Michigan. And although ladies may not be rockin' these tees out and about in the Mitten quite yet, once they do, THEY WILL LOVE THEM!

What is your 'home' state and do you love it?


Lani said...

I, too, am a Michigan girl! I'm definitely checking out The Mitten State's site. Thanks so much for sharing about it!

Anonymous said...

I was born & raised in Connecticut, but have lived the last 11 years in Wisconsin with Florida & Tennessee in between. I really love Wisconsin but have fond memories of CT too.

Chelsea B. said...

I was born and raised in TN. Graduated HS and left for Texas (my other love where I spent every holiday and summer). Then moved to KY and now back to TN (different city this time). Both TN and TX hold special places in my heart. I love TN but I could also move back to TX tomorrow :)