Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

As you read this I am enjoying a girls weekend in San Francisco - WHOOOO HOOOO! (Some friends and I do a trip instead of Christmas gifts, and this was the weekend of our adventure.) Along with LOVING a few days away and girl time, below are a couple additional Friday Favorites that you all may be interested in checking out for yourself!

Target Swimsuits

I never thought I'd put "bathing suits" on a list of favorites, especially because bathing suit shopping is probably one of the worst things that I can think of voluntarily doing... but it happened! When the hubby and I were going through our purging phase a couple weeks back I got rid of all my old bikinis. They were ill-fitting, faded and old, but I kept them because I never wanted to A. spend the money to replace them or B. go shopping for bathing suits. I figured that if I got rid of all my two piece bathing suits it'd force me to buy a new one (or be left with a really white belly all summer long from rocking my one-piece). Low and behold I was at Target the other day and figured I'd take the plunge. To my surprise I actually found a suit that I liked! I think it's probably because it was similar to my Handful bras, but that's okay. I appreciate that you can mix and match tops and bottoms (especially for women who aren't a straight size across the board). I was able to pick up a top and two bottoms (one for laying at the pool and another for being active). Normally I'd wait until they went on sale, but I knew it was now or never so I bit the bullet and actually paid full price!


If you don't know what this is A. you probably don't follow me on Instagram (but you can HERE if you'd like) and B. missed my blog post about it. It's okay, I won't hold it against you. Anywho, not only do I like posting my finds, I LOVE when other people "play" along and post theirs as well. But this is about neither... The other day I received a notice in Facebook that I had been tagged in a post. A friend shared about her experience "treasure hunting" and I couldn't help but smile. Not so much because of what she said, but that she sees me as a positive person, someone who looks for the good, and someone who was actually making a difference in the world (no matter how small it may seem). With that, I just wanted to challenge you to keep doing good, spreading kindness, finding reasons to smile - you never know who you may be impacting, but you ARE making this world a better place!

Take It All Back by Judah & The Lion

I think I like this jam so much because it reminds me of a folk-y version of my main man Eminem. Obviously the hip hop artist from 8 Mile doesn't rock out on a banjo or mandolin, but the lead singer's voice definitely has a little Marshall Mathers feel to it (or maybe that's just me). I also love what they had to say about the song in a Red Bull interview, "It's our way of saying that our successes do not define us as people. We would give up everything we do to have the things that matter most to us: love, friends, family, ice cream."

DIY Cards

I feel like I used to be so much more artsy and creative... but I got to rectify this a bit earlier this week. For Valentine's Day, the girls in my small group decided to shower our leader in surprises throughout the day (his wife passed away two years ago from cancer and we wanted him to know he is still deeply cared for). Along with a near botched flower delivery that I made at 6:20am, I also made a homemade card. And while I was at it, I decided to make the hubby a pop-up card as well. They might be a little corny, but I had fun (and they at least acted like they appreciated them ;)).

What are you loving lately?

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