Thursday, February 18, 2016

Run Streak

I don't know about you, but when I hear about folks doing a "Running Streak" I am always a little intrigued (and for those of you who haven't heard of one before, it has NOTHING to do with running in the nude!).


But quickly after my interest is peaked I end up saying "I would NEVER do that!". Well, that coming from the girl who said she would NEVER run a full marathon and has TWO in February along probably doesn't mean much, but still, at least to the present time I have never participated in a Run Streak.


You see, I personally have a couple issues with Run Streaks. First, I don't think my body appreciates running every day. When I was training for my first half marathon all I was doing was running... and, well, my body revolted (more specifically my IT Band and it threw a HISSY FIT!). At that point I knew I needed to include both strength- and cross-training into my fitness routine or my body would ultimately pay the price. Next, if all I was doing was just adding a single mile to the days I wasn't currently running "simply to streak" I didn't see any benefit to my fitness. I mean, sure, running a mile is probably better than not running, but I don't see how much value a single mile has in the grand scheme of things.

Well, I figured that if the topic of a Running Streak was something that I had questions about, maybe it would be something that would intrigue you as well. And, certainly, if that is the case, then it is worth a blog post, now isn't it?! 

Thankfully for us both, I have quite a few friends who are currently or have in the past participated in a Run Streak. And some of them have even been gracious enough to take the time to answer a few of my questions about their experiences.

So, without further ado, SOME STREAKERS:


Gina: [@happytrigirl on Twitter & Instagram / Blog:]

Dani: [@irisheyes1982 on Twitter & Instagram / Blog:]

Mindy: [@mindybobe on Twitter / @roadrunnergirl on Instagram / Blog:]

Meghan: [@beachrunner78 on Twitter & Instagram]

Alicia: [@dishouttawater on Twitter & Instagram]

And, again, I just wanna say a BIG THANKS to my streakers for taking the time to share their insight with me (and you)! I included some of their social media handles - so do me a favor and give them a follow 'cause they ROCK MY SOCKS! It was great hearing from those who have or are still participating in Run Streaks! Now, I am not planning on starting on of my one anytime soon, but I have learned NEVER to say never (and maybe not to knock something until I've tried it...)!

Have you ever tried a run streak before?


Holly said...

I've done a couple of run streaks--once last summer between Memorial Day and the 4th of July and again from Thanksgiving until New Year's. There were a lot of days where I only ran a mile, but it was a good way to stay motivated when I didn't have any long distance races to run! One of the running groups I'm apart of also created an event for it so we could talk about the streak amongst ourselves and keep each other accountable.

Lindsay @ a runnaroundd life said...

I think the IDEA of a run streak comes from a great place—celebrating the run, participating in a community activity, and challenging ourselves and our minds. To me, if it's a stressor to our bodies then we shouldn't do it, but if we're taking those one-mile days easy then they should be STUPID easy so our bodies are still recovering. I'm talking almost-walkable easy :) This is coming from someone who has never done a run streak. But you're making me want to try! :)

Unknown said...

I don't think my body would like it much either - plus I know that I couldn't take a rest day if I had an injury coming on because I would get too hung up on the run streak haha!! I love reading about others' experiences though!!

KookyRunner said...

I'm always in awe of anyone that is currently doing a run streak! I did it last year for the Runner's World Summer Run Steak and I hated it! Like you, my body revolted and honestly I just dont enjoy running every day and my body craves cross training.