Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Least Favorite Week

My least favorite week (at least of the training cycle) is here... YIPEEEEE <<insert sarcastic emoji here>>...


The week leading up to "the race" is definitely my least favorite week of my training calendar. Give me peak-week week after week and I wouldn't bat an eye, but tell me it's time to taper and I will have (at least) four mental breakdowns.


I mean, really, who thought it was a good idea to cut back your mileage AND give your brain all this extra time to think obsess over the upcoming race?! Sure, I realize that having well rested legs 'might' be a good idea, but wouldn't a sane runner be a little better?!


This is the week that runners start putting the final touches on their game plan. For example, getting your #FlatRunner ready as to not forget anything on race day, mentally preparing (and then second guessing that plan 800 times) for your race goal(s), stalking the weather (which, by the way, keeps getting worse and worse the closer we get... the temperature at the finish line is now estimated to be close to 90° on Sunday!), and hopefully getting nutrition on point - including your hydration game.

And the crazy thing is, THIS ISN'T EVEN A GOAL RACE FOR ME. It will be "for fun", to enjoy the sights and scenes of Los Angeles... But my mind knows no difference apparently! And I won't even hint at the fact that we have the Phoenix Marathon less than two weeks after LA because that will really throw this lady's mind space into a tailspin!

What are your thoughts on tapering? Love it or leave it?


Unknown said...

You will have a great race - kick booty, lady! Can't wait to track you on Sunday and cheer you on! :)

SD Mom said...

I am FREAKING out about the weather. So many times, the idea of dropping out has crossed my mind!

Unknown said...

I definitely go through a bit of the crazies but I really also enjoy the break that you get during taper weeks.

Knoxie13 said...

What weather source are you using? The National Weather Service ( site is predicting high 78-82 degrees for LA, West Hollywood, Santa Monica areas.

Jennifer Kyle said...

You are going to have a great race! Good luck with the taper crazies!!!

Ana said...

Oh wow!! 90s? that is HOT! I hope you have a great race and stay cool!

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