Thursday, February 25, 2016

Meet Ultra #TeamSparkle 2016!

The team has been selected, legs have been assigned and we are ready to announce it to THE WORLD! So, without further ado, please meet Ultra #TeamSparkle for the 2016 SoCal Ragnar Relays

Emily: The treadmill is her playground. You'll find her doing 99% of all her training on it. When this vegan isn't running....she's still running her 16 year old to all things volleyball or running after her 1.5 year old. You can follow her on Instagram at @runemz.

Carlee: This vegetarian, puppy mama caught the running bug about 4 years ago and hasn't stopped since. She loves sunshine, encouraging others and spending time with her hubby. If she could find someone to pay her to run, take pictures and blog she'd be in HEAVEN! Follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter at @CarleeMcDot.

Allison: Mom of two, who runs for her daughter because Rett Syndrome has stolen her daughter's ability to run & do anything independently. Now Allison runs for her & all the girls who can't, so that someday they will. You can follow her on Instagram at @afoley09.

Elise: She’s a cupcake-loving, triathlon-addicted, sparkle-wearing Ironman who can't get enough of her two kids, trail running, and all the sweets nearby. You can follow her on Twitter at @cupcakeactivist and Instagram at @elisewallace.
Kristen: She's a runner that took up triathlons on a whim and fell in love. Kristen works out to work off her two favorite food groups: pizza and tacos! Cousin Martilee, born with Rett Syndrome, inspires Kristen to always run, bike and swim #untilshecan. Follow along on Instagram at @kgriff_run.

Carrie: This mother of 4 uses running and biking to make new friends and keep her sane. She loves cheering races almost as much as running them (as long as #teamsparkle and unicorn masks are involved). She’s the happiest with sun on her face, dirt on her feet and sour candy in her hand. You can follow her on Instagram at @thisiscarrie.

And, as I've mentioned before, just because you won't be physically running the relay with us, you can join in the fun and participate in the Virtual 5K! Register HERE, then head out and run/ cartwheel/ walk 3.1 miles on the weekend of April 1st - 2nd, while we are tackling SoCal! Use the hashtags, cheer one another on and spread the word UNTIL SHE CAN!


Another way to help is to donate directly to Girl Power 2 Cure in honor of #TeamSparkle! You can head over to the site HERE and donate as much (or as little) as you can - remember, every penny matters!

Have you ever ran for a cause before?


SD Mom said...

This is the team to beat all teams! You go girls! Proud to be a volunteer for TeamSparkle and have a front row seat to all your butt kicking. Hope I get to see you this time!

Unknown said...

I run for Team Muscle Makers at all the Disney west coast races. Proud to be part of such an amazing team doing so much good for the clinic at Radys Children's Hospital in SD.