Thursday, February 12, 2015

Three Things Thursday

I enjoy this kind of post because I can be a little random and also don't have to write a ton on each subject! So, here goes.

1. #TeamSparkle Virtual 5K

I am going to be running the SoCal Ragnar with #TeamSparkle (more on that in the coming weeks). This race isn't just a race, but a fundraising opportunity and a way to give back. We will be running the close to 200 miles in honor of close to 200 girls (one girl per mile) who has been effected by Rett Syndrome. Since not everyone is able to join the relay team (although that would make our legs a LOT shorter than the current game plan ;)), they have come up with another way to join the fight!


Because, let's be honest, although helping out people is the MOST important part,
the medal is also pretty high up on the priority list ;)

You should register for the #TeamSparkle Virtual 5K like NOW!

2. PRO Compression Giveaway

I am sure by now you know how much I LOVE my PRO Compression gear! Not only is it AWESOME to use in costumes and race attire, but it is AMAZING for post-run recovery. I normally wear my Marathon Socks during long runs and after hard workouts (and my Low Trainers for cross training, strength training and runs shorter than 10 miles). You can also wear the compression gear during road trips, on plane rides, while standing on your feet for an extended period of time, out golfing, etc.

And I have added a few more pairs since this picture...

Okay, okay, enough of me blabbing on, let's get to the MEAT (or VEGGIES for us vegetarians) of this post. A fellow PC Ambassador, Chelsea, is having a GIVEAWAY for a pair of Pro Compression Socks or Sleeves! Obviously I already entered (one can NEVER have enough PC gear), but I thought I would be nice and spread the word so if I don't win, maybe YOU can ;) Check it out HERE. [Oh yeah, and if you don't win, you can use the code "BLG15" for 40% off your order!]

3. The Phoenix Marathon

Can you believe it is just over 2 weeks away?! HOLY CRAPOLY! I have been training for this (as well as my other races) for almost SIX MONTHS now! Although it seems like I signed up for this race forever again, I am still sort of freaking out that it got here so fast.


We are now entering the TAPER period. I have a 10-miler tomorrow morning, but after that I only have 4-5 mile runs before the race. Thankfully I have a lot to keep me busy (family visiting SoCal, two Red Wings games, a Disneyland day, not to mention general LIFE), so hopefully I won't go too cray-cray.

Originally my goal was to go sub-4 (which is still the focus), but why not go big or go home?! I would LOVE to finish in 3:4X, but we will see. I am going to try to stick with some of my speedy friends for as long as I can and hopefully finish strong. (If I am being completely honest, I added the Eugene Marathon to my calendar in May just in case I don't hit my goal so I have a "back-up".)

What was your favorite food you ate today?

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