Saturday, July 5, 2014

Walt's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was Walt's 2nd Birthday.

Okay, well, maybe it wasn't... When we rescued him, the lady said they thought he was born in July 2012. We took him to the vet a few days after we got him to get his stitches out and they asked when we wanted his birthday. We figured the Fourth of July was an easy day to remember, so why not pick that one? So even if it wasn't his "actual" birthday, we still celebrated (and I'm sure he doesn't know any better, hehe).

I had to take a pair of running shorts back to Marshalls (I didn't like their fit when I got them home), so we did a little perusing and Ryan found Walt a new bed (the one we had for him was a little small, which he loved because he could cuddle up in it or hang off the side if he preferred). Walt jumped in it right when we got it home (and is snoozing in it on the porch right now), so I am assuming he likes it.

Walt stuck his tongue out... I guess he did NOT like his bed...

When Ryan was at the park (I was out on a 14 mile run, so when he woke up he took Walt to a local school) he was chatting with a couple ladies about it being Walt's birthday and they told him Stater Brothers sells DOGGY ICE CREAM! Well, Ryan knows HE loves ice cream for his birthday (or really ANY day), so figured Walt would love it too! We went to grab a little lunch and on the way home made a pit stop for some Frosty Paws treats. We took Walt back up to the park after we got home to eat it (I didn't know how messy it would be and didn't want it in the house).

At first he was confused...

Then we told him it was a treat for him and he wanted to know when
he could dig in and EAT!

We grabbed the "Peanut Butter" Flavor, but they also have an "Original" option

Park it up!

Cute, individual sized ice creams!


He wasn't shy

He just couldn't get enough!


When we started to get to the bottom I was using
the lid as a spoon to get some out for him.

Close up

Oh, it was good....

So good that he wanted to take it away from us and hide it

I could sit here all day!

Wait, what?! It's all gone?!

I'm willing to venture a guess and say Walt had a SUPER Second Birthday!

Do you celebrate your pet's birthdays?


The Silent Assassin said...

I think I would if I didn't have kids. I have 5 dogs...and know when each one was born.

Angie said...

Happy birthday, Walt! I celebrate my dogs' birthdays with Frosty Paws. I also like to mix peanut butter in with plain yogurt, and then freeze it. They love it!

Meridith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALT! It was Gemma's birthday on the 4th too. We rescued her in February and they guessed she was born around July so we made her birthday the 4th. Woohoo!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Walt! Madison's birthday is this Friday, we'll need to go pick up a toy and a special treat for her!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Walt! Madison's birthday is this Friday, we'll need to go pick up a toy and a special treat for her!

Unknown said...

Uh, yes! My yorkie turned 14 (!) In May and my new rescue turned 1 in march. Both dogs love frosty paws also. :-) I got Hank, my baby, an edible pet birthday card from Petco too