Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Busy, Busy Beaver

Do you ever feel like you are running non-stop throughout the day?

Man... The end of the month is so crazy for me at work and it just seems like it always spills over to my personal life too. It often feels like I am spinning my wheels from the moment I get up (or even before then, seeing as my body is worried I will oversleep so makes me wake up every hour or so to look at my clock, just to realize I still have more time to lay there) until I lay back down in the evening.


Although I feel like everything most of the things I am doing are important, I do realize that some of it is mindless and meaningless. I want to take time to FOCUS on the things that matter, not all the peripheral things that I can sometimes get caught up in.

With that being said, I need your help. I want your accountability. I know cutting things out or rearranging my time may be hard, but I think hope know it will lead to a more balanced life.


The sermon from two weekends ago at North Coast Church touched on this briefly (although I know it wasn't the main point), but just because we are now more connected than ever before, doesn't mean we NEED to be. People (other than our immediately family) shouldn't have 24-7 access to us. We shouldn't need to check our phones, emails, etc constantly to see what is going on with others or to let others know what is going on with us.

So... I want to unplug. No, that doesn't mean I will be going off the grid or never posting on my social media, but it does mean I am not going to be as accessible. When I am with my hubby, I am focused on HIM (we did this during our ABC Dates, when we would only have our phones out to take a picture, but got away from it when we were in our "every day life"). When I am with friends, I am focused on THEM. When I am living life, I WANT TO LIVE IT... I don't always have to document it :) If that means turning my phone off, using the "do not disturb function", or leaving it at home, then so be it.


I also want to get back into the habit of sitting down and eating dinner with the hubby. He has been super busy at work (which is leading to some amazing opportunities for him), so sometimes I will eat before he gets home. If there is a sporting event on, we will often times eat dinner on the floor while cheering for our favorite team. Now that is still important time together (we are pretty intense about our sports), but I think having the 20-30 minutes a day to focus solely on one another is probably time better spent. Unless we are working on our relationship to move closer together, we will eventually drift apart - and that is NOT what we would ever want - so making the effort today and EVERY day is WELL WORTH IT!

I know I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to find balance in my life, so I am not going to get too bent out of shape if I can't slow things down immediately, but if I don't start to focus on it now I know life could get away from me. If it's important to me, I will make it happen, if not, I will make excuses, so here I go! One day at a time...

Any tips on slowing down? Is this something that comes easily for you? Or is it a daily struggle?

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Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, I have a high energy two year old so I feel like the only time I get to stop is when she's sleeping.

I always have to tell myself and her to slow down.