Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lake Powell - Night Shots

I started pulling some of the pictures off of our camera this morning. None of them are edited (so I am sure they will look even MORE amazing once Ryan gets a chance to color correct and play with them), but I wanted to at least get a few up. {I will probably do a "Best Of" post once Ryan is able to do his magic on some of the pictures.}

[PS Ryan loves playing around with cameras. He found a setting called "Bulb", where you can leave the shutter open as long as you want, hence being able to write with flashlights and seeing the Milky Way.]

The kids were watching Space Balls on the roof while the
adults hung out on the beach (this is our view of the boat)

We started off small with our flashlight writing - a heart <3

Ryan was using the term 'frothy' the night before, so when Kelly had to think
of something to write, she thought she would choose that... Only problem
was, she forgot what the word was :)

She got it correct the second go around :)

Lake Powell BABY!! 

I give Kelly props - It is hard to write backwards... with a

Ryan made a fun SMILE :)

Andy walked around the Boatel 6 to light it up! Turned out AWESOME!

There were SOOOOO many stars!

Although the boat got overexposed on this one, CHECK OUT THE SKY!

Andy lit up the inside of the Boatel 6... AND LOOK AT THOSE STARS!

We got to sleep out under these EVERY NIGHT! 

Couldn't you stare at these FOR...EV.... ER?!

This was the first time ever playing with this setting on the camera. We are so stoked we found it though and can't wait to mess around with it more in the future! {Ok, ok, in all honesty, I probably won't play with it, but I am pumped for Ryan to experiment so I can share the pictures ;) }

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