Saturday, July 6, 2013

Workout Recap - Week 27

Sunday, June 30th – 9.5 miles with hubby (longest run EVER for him)Foam Rolled & Stretched

Monday, July 1st – Elliptical for 60 minutes, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Tuesday, July 2nd – Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs)

Wednesday, July 3rd – Elliptical for 60 minutes, 2.5 miles with hubby, Foam Rolled & Stretched

Thursday, July 4th –  8 mile bike ride with hubby, 2 mile run, Foam Rolled & Stretched

I liked the flag addition :)

Friday, July 5th – Rest day, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

Saturday, July 6th – 3 miles with hubby, Foam Rolled & Stretched 

We have had a tropical depression sitting overtop of San Diego for the last week or two - which has caused a heat and humidity wave (so much so that they pushed up the start time of my half marathon tomorrow because of the "grossness" outside). It has been hard to do a lot of outdoor activity, but I have still managed to get my workouts in. (BAD Idea - Thursday Ryan and I didn't make it out for our bike ride until about 10:30am, so it was already in the high 70s and then when we finished, got the pup, and headed up to the park it was in the 80s with HIGH humidity when I was doing another 2 mile run - AWFULLY SWEATY!) I have done a couple of two-a-day workouts, which have been nice. 

Ryan and I had to switch around our long runs this week. Sunday was supposed to be 3 and then tomorrow was going to be 9.5, but since I have a half marathon, I figured Ryan wouldn't want to do his 9.5 miles on his own, so we swapped weeks. He has been doing great with his long runs!! Can't believe our half marathon is less than 2 months away (HURRAY FOR THE BEARD LEAVING THEN TOO :) ). 

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