Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Training Run

This is what I kept telling myself during my 10 mile training run on Friday of last week...

I know, I know, the majority of the time the conditions ARE perfect here in Southern California, but Friday this was not the case. It had been drizzling throughout the day. By 2pm (I have half days on Fridays), when I was getting ready to head out the door for my training run, the rain drops had accumulated and started falling.

I don't know if I have mentioned it or not, so I might as well go into it. After my last half marathon in September, my running "coach" had suggested that I change my form. I currently am a mid-foot to heel striker (meaning I land on the middle of my foot or my heel) and he wanted me to be a fore-foot striker (to land on my toes). There are a lot of great thoughts behind the fore-foot stiker. The main reason he had suggested it for me was because during my training for my half marathon I had run into some IT band issues. He pointed out that when you land on your heel, your knees and hips are what is absorbing the impact. If you move the impact to your toes, there is a lot more that can cushion the constant pounding of the pavement.

I had been trying to change my form for a while. I was adding in 10 minutes of 'toe running' on the beach after my normal work outs - that way my muscle memory would remember what it was supposed to do. Well, that was fine and dandy up until the time change. Once we "fell back", it was pitch dark out by the time I came out of the gym and I wasn't able to do my beach workouts. Not to mention, I was getting extremely frustrated by NOT RUNNING. I mean, I would do these little drills on the beach for 10 minutes, but I wasn't actually running (I know, I really have to change my thinking about training, but I still missed strictly running).

So this past week I decided to change up my routine a little. Originally he had me doing elliptical workouts Monday and Wednesday, biking on Saturday, and doing gym workouts on Tuesday and Friday (Thursday I added in as a day off because we have our small group and I couldn't fit it all in and Sunday was my normal day off). I am keeping with most of that routine. I will still do my two days of elliptical, my long bike ride, but lower my gym workouts to just Tuesday and then on Fridays do a long run outside.

Friday was my first 'long run' training day. Working up to my last half marathon the longest I had run was 6 miles. Friday I decided I would do an easy (i.e. slower pace) 10 miles. I felt like it would instill some confidence in myself that I could still do the long distances and also gauge where I was training wise.

Well, the run went great. Like I mentioned, the rain was falling, so by about a half a mile into it I was soaked to the core, but it was about 65* out, so it was almost perfect (I think if I would have had a hat or visor to keep the rain out of my eyes I would have been able to go longer, but my sunnies were fogging up so I would take them off and then get pelted in the eyes with the rain).

I took a couple pictures afterwards on my cool-down walk back to the car.

10 miles, 1 hour and 42 miles (not too shabby for an 'easy' day)

The fog was pretty bad most of the run, sort of spooky

Soggy shoes after the run (but don't you like the new PINK laces I just got?!)

Soaked through and through, but still smiling :)

I would have preferred lighter rain, but hey, the temp was just about perfect

That reminds me, I should probably keep a towel in my car for runs like this. I think my seat was a little soggy for the next couple days :)

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