Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holidays at DL

Ryan and I went up to Disneylad last night to see all of the fun Christmas lights. We had just been a few weeks ago, but we went on a Sunday, so it was during the day and we didn't get to enjoy the parks lit up. Although it was raining and cold, we decided to weather the weather (hehe) and go anyway. It actually kept most of the people away, so we scored!

The lines were even short for Santa! (The elf helper took a picture on my phone, but her elf hands must have been shaking because it was blurry, so a screenshot of the 'official' picture will have to do)

On the tram ride to the parks we heard someone mention Prep and Landing in 4D. Although we had just watched it the night before we decided we would go see it. It is only 20 minutes long and we figured it would keep us dry for a little while. (By the way, they were starting it like a minute after we got there, so we were just in the nick of time)

Ryan loves to do the Animation Academy, where you get to learn how to draw some of the Disney characters from actual artists. After we finished watching Prep and Landing we went over to see who we could learn how to draw. Ryan was really hoping for Frankenweenie, but the woman I spoke with thought he was just a seasonal character. But we got to learn how to draw another seasonal character - WAYNE FROM PREP AND LANDING! And we only had to wait about 3 minutes before the session started. This was working out to be quite the perfect evening.

After our artists skills were complete we decided we wanted to walk through Cars Land, since we had never actually seen it at night with all the neon glowing. On the way we saw Goofy and Pluto. Goofy had to go, but on the way out he gave both Ryan and I big kisses. We were able to snap a few pictures with Pluto (which Ryan said he liked more anyway).

We grabbed some dinner, free chocolate, and then decided to head back over to Disneyland. When we walked in, we saw everything set up for the Candlelight Processional, which I TOTALLY forgot they were doing. If my memory serves me right (and the folks around us while we were waiting for it to start were telling the truth), it has only been open to the public for the last two years. Ryan and I got front row standing 'seats' and were able to watch. It was soooooo cool! The narrator was the AllState guy - what a great voice to read the Christmas Story! Like I said, I had totally forgot that it was going on, but we walked up at the perfect time and had the perfect viewing area. There were over 500 choir members singing beautifully! The pictures or video didn't turn out that great, but you get the idea.

Then we decided to go play Buzz Lightyear. Ryan had gone to the eye doctor before we went, so his eyes were still slightly fuzzy from the dialation. I figured this might give me an advatange. HAHA! When I went to download the picture from my email this morning I noticed that the score was TOTALLY wrong! He did beat me, but the proof shows him getting A BIG GOOSE EGG! (And yes, I know where the camera is, so I was trying to look like a zombie, but as you can tell, Ryan is ALWAYS very into his games.)

After I 'beat' Ryan at Buzz, we went over to the castle and walked up JUST IN TIME to see them lighting all of the icicles. They even made it snow during the process (although I couldn't get a good picture of the 'snow').

Of course we then had to ride the Wildest Ride In The Wilderness! Because of the rain I think we waited maybe 5 minutes, if that. Then we decided to head back to the castle for the fireworks. While we were waiting we saw a couple get engaged, which was super cute.

But, alas, because of the rain and 'inclement weather' they actually had to cancel the fireworks - bummer! But since everything else worked out so perfectly, it was still a great trip! People may think we are silly or weird for going to Disney so ofter, but man, it is one magical place!

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