Monday, December 31, 2012

New runDisney Vinyl

New RunDisney Vinylmation Release Strategy

Ordinarily, the release of a new vinyl is enough to get us interested, but the new strategy with this year’s RunDisney figure really has our interest piqued.  First up, the mundane – the figure will be released on both coasts on January 10th, and he’ll be retailing for $12.95.
Pretty cool, right? It’s a runner Mickey, dated, with a spot to write or paint in your finish time. Here’s the interesting bit – also releasing on January 10th (only at the WDW D-Street) are three individually sold accessories.
In the past, each of the three longest races attached to WDW Marathon weekend has had its own commemorative Vinylmation figure; the Donald Half Marathon and Mickey Marathon have traditionally had 3″ figures, the much longer Goofy Challenge a 9″. This year, for $1.95 each, miniature versions of the respective race medals will be available to drape around the neck of your personal runner Mickey:
MIND BLOWN! How cool is that, ‘Nation? Now, enterprising runners can pose with their prized finisher medals next to their very own runner Mickey Vinylmation in his prized miniature medal!
No word yet if other races will receive the same mini-medal treatment, but I know I speak for a lot of the runner in the VinylNation community in saying, make them for the Tower of Terror Ten Miler and the Wine and Dine Half!
Plus, if this approach proves successful, could we one day see individually sold Vinylmation accessories? Folks have long asked about replacing missing lightsabers or axes or hats, although the $1.95 price tag may seem a bit steep for those sorts of items. Time will tell in 2013!

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