Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ryan's Home!

Ryan's back!! YAY!!! He has been in Australia for the past two weeks with Reef on a photo shoot. He got back to California yesterday morning around 6am (into LAX). By the time they got through customs, got all of their luggage (with all of the product that they had to shoot), and made it back down to the office it was closer to 9:30am.

I actually thought that he wasn't supposed to get in until 6 PM for the last two weeks. It wasn't until he called me Wednesday night and left a voicemail about him having to start packing things up so that they could head to the airport the next day did I actually look at the itinerary again and notice he would be home a whole 12 hours earlier than I expected.

Since he would be home earlier in the day, I decided to take off Friday from work so that I could hang out with him. With all of the jet lag, we didn't do much. He showed me his pictures, unpacked his clothes and did a load of laundry, got lunch, he took a 4 hour nap, then loaded him with coffee so that he could wake up a little, took a walk on the pier, got dinner, watched a few shows and then went to bed again.

Right now it is 11:40am and he is still asleep (I think not only the jet lab, but the stormy weather outside is helping him sleep, since it is still dark out). But hey, at least he is asleep in our bed!

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