Saturday, March 24, 2012

Garmin 110

I ordered a GPS watch the other day - the Garmin Forerunner 110 to be exact. It came last week and I got to use it for the first time earlier this week (when I did my first ‘outside’ training run). It is a watch through Garmin (the GPS company). Since it has GPS in it, it can track your distance along with your time. They are pricey gadgets, but I thought I would really get use out of it. The main reason I liked running on the treadmill/ elliptical at the gym was because I knew exactly how far I was running (distance and time). Of course I could guesstimate with like Google maps or something like that, but this is so much easier.

Some of the features that I like is that it beeps at me every mile, tracks my current pace, time, distance, etc. So for example say I am running 3 miles, at mile 1 it would beep to let me know I hit 1 mile and show me the pace of that mile (say 9:02), then when I am at 1.5 mile (for example) it would show me that I am at 1.5 miles, what my current pace is (so say I slowed down and it was more like 9:28 minute mile pace it would show that), and the total amount of time (for example 13:45). Again, it probably isn’t something that I “”need””, but I think it will force me to train (since it was a pretty penny and I wouldn’t want to have wasted that money) and it will be accurate (so I know if it really was 3 miles I ran or if it was 2.5).

This model seemed to be the most basic model (although it does have a heart rate monitor that I haven't even looked at how to use yet), but does everything that I am looking to do. Not to mention, I bought it refurbished which cut down the price a bit. I have only run with it 3 times so far, but really like it so far. I am excited to use it when Ry and I go on our bike rides or even geo caching (since before all we did was guess how far or long we were doing something for). Obviously it is not a necessity, but if you are looking for something like this, I would highly recommend this model (especially since it comes in a girly pink and grey color combo :) ).

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