Monday, March 5, 2012

Michigan Friends

So our cars are definitely decked out with Michigan love. My car has a Great Lakes Proud decal on one of the windows [and YES a picture of it is on their website :) ], a Block M on my back window, along with a Detroit D decal on the back window. Ry has a Block M on his truck also (he has most decals, but they are more surfing and less Michigan).

Anyway, back to the story. On Saturday we were driving to pick up some wax for Ryan's surf boards and a guy pulls up next to us. He asks where in Michigan we are from (yelling from his car window, while we are driving down the 101. We let him know. He says he is from Flint, but moved out to California about 25 years ago. Then when we get to church later that night, we get out of the car and a gentleman walks up to us. Says we have been parking by him for a while now and he always has wanted to meet us. Said he grew up in East Detroit and wanted to chat with us about Michigan. We chatted a while on our walk into church, reminiscing about the sports teams, Hash Bash on campus (don't worry, he told us that with Jesus' help he hasn't done drugs in over 12 years), etc.

I know, I know, some people don't like stickers on cars, some people don't like sports, some people don't like Michigan, but I am NOT one of those people :) And I especially love all of the random conversations I have with fellow Michiganders!

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love this! :)