Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pretty Nails

Last weekend, when I was doing my running clothes shopping spree, there was a pack of NEON nail polish at TJ Maxx. I picked it up, since I hadn't had new nail polish in a while. (My original collection contained pink, blue, and black.) Ryan actually asked me before he left if I would paint my 'upper' nails (yes, he did mean finger nails, he is cute like that) for when he came back. I told him I don't paint my finger nails, just my toe nails. (And honestly the only reason I paint my toe nails is because it makes feet somewhat less disgusting.) I don't think I had painted my finger nails since our wedding, and even then it was just like a ivory/ clear coat. But, since that was Ryan's one request, of course I did it. So now my finger nails are neon pink and my toe nails are neon orange. (There is also green, blue, purple and a couple more BANGIN' colors in my 7 pack of polish).

Normally I don't like painting my nails because if it isn't perfect I just pick it off. I know I only did it yesterday morning (yes, I did wait until the last minute to paint them, hehe), but I think I like it. Even if they aren't perfect, because believe me, I have a difficult time painting my right hand (using my left hand), I still think it is fun. Maybe it makes me feel a little more 'girly', maybe it is just a change of pace, but I think I might keep it around for a while :)

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