Friday, June 3, 2011

Making Donuts

Ryan's dad had mentioned to Ryan the week before we went back to Michigan that one of the stores in Cheboygan sold donuts (the local donut shop shut down - Kretchman's Donuts - which was a blow to the McClurg household, hehe, they love their sweets). He also said that he had got in 'good' with the owner and the owner told him that he could bring Matthew back to the back and he could decorate his own donuts. Ryan OF COURSE decided that we had to go check it out when we were there - I mean, have you ever known Ryan to pass down donuts?! I haven't!

When we drove up to the store on Saturday morning (mind you, it is about 4:15am PST at this point, so excuse the sleepy eyes) I realized it was just a little mini-mart:

Scott, the owner, let Jamie, Ryan, Matthew and myself back to the back to frost and decorate some cake donuts. On our way to the back, one of the girls that worked heir commented that she wasn't even allowed to do this, so we must be special :) Jamie helped Matthew with one of them and I helped him with the other (yes, don't worry, we did clear it with his mom that it was okay to have ALL that sugar - but there was a strict 2 donut limit).

Matthew and I posing with the finished products:

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Katrina said...

That Matthew is getting so big and so cute!!!