Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something Corporate

Andrew McMahon Returns to Something Corporate After Battling Leukemia

When Orange Country pop-punkers Something Corporate disbanded in 2004 it wasn't supposed to be permanent. "We never really made the point to break up," frontman Andrew McMahon tells Spinner. "We went on hiatus was because we were good friends and we wanted to protect our friendship."

But then McMahon, who took the time to record his first solo album under the moniker Jack's Mannequin, was diagnosed with Leukemia. "Originally the plan was I'd do a Jack's record and then I'd do a Something Corporate record. Clearly, my life changed pretty dramatically in the midst of making that first Jack's record and I went a different direction," he says. "But it hasn't changed my love for what I created in Something Corporate and what we created together as a band."

After years of debating the right time to get back together, the group -- who reunited to perform three songs at Bamboozle Left in Pomona, Calif. in October of 2006 -- are getting together to do the reunion thing right, performing this Sunday, March 28 at Bamboozle Left in Anaheim and again May 15 in Chicago for Bamboozle in the Windy City.

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