Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ryan and I have found 250 geo caches (as of last weekend) and have never been the First To Find (FTF). That is until caches 251, 252 and 253!! WHOOO HOOO!! Someone in our area places a series of caches for Easter (they are in Easter Egg or Bunny Rabbit containers. They were just published on Tuesday. We stopped by one on the way to dinner on Tuesday and we were the first one to find it! Then on the way home we went to find another one but there were a ton of teenagers nearby (trouble makers :) ). I went on my way to work on Wednesday morning (hoping it still hadn't been found) - and I was able to grab it and still be the FTF!! Then after work yesterday I saw there was another cache by our place that hadn't been found so I went over there and was again the first to find!! WHOOO HOOO!! No, we don't get anything special, but it is the accomplishment to know we were the first ones to find it :)

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