Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Youngs Wedding

Check out our pictures. I know there are a ton of pictures of the ceremony (but I know how much I loved getting pictures from our wedding, so I figured I would take as many as I could for the happy couple). It was quite a long trip (we got in after about 2pm Friday morning and then drove back Saturday, of about 11 hours).

Friday we went out and did 6 geo caches before the wedding. In between those caches we grabbed lunch with Erik and Ben at Eegee's (a Tucson favorite). Then we went to the wedding and saw the happy couple start their married life together. Saturday morning we went over to Sarah's parents house for a little brunch and then hit the road. We took the longer, scenic route home. Ryan was sick though, so it wasn't as fun as we had originally thought it would be. We saw a lot of the back country though. And OF COURSE we had to stop at CARLEE'S to grab a pizza and watch the MSU game.

Check out the pictures here if you get a chance.

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