Friday, April 3, 2009

Rescue Shirts

Ryan and I are waiting for our to arrive in the mail, then we will be sporting them EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF APRIL!!

It’s April! The RESCUE month is upon us, and to celebrate (and represent) we are all wearing our RESCUE pack tshirts for the whole month of April. I’m wearing mine right now, in fact- everyone in the office is wearing theirs. We’re right there with you, and you know it makes for much easier mornings. (Breakfast and I have reunited). So wear your shirts, and if you haven’t gotten yours, it’s not too late to order them, just go to the IC store HERE.

The coolest part about the RESCUE tshirts is that while you go about your day, you will be a walking billboard for the event, it will be your talking piece to invite people to the Rescue. I Heart the LRA is quite a statement, so tell people about it, tell them why you’re spreading the love and why you refuse to change your shirt. It’s a powerful statement.

We’re so excited to spot you out on the streets with your RESCUE shirts on! Consider yourself apart of the movement. We’re glad to have you alongside us.

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