Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Solar Financing

Solana Beach offers solar financing
Residents can defer cost of installation

SOLANA BEACH — Edging ahead of San Diego, Solana Beach has become the first city in the region – and the third statewide – to launch a financing program that eventually will help homeowners and small businesses buy solar panels without paying the full price upfront.

The program will allow residents to pay for the “clean energy” systems over 20 years, with interest, through their property tax bills.

Solana Beach is part of a growing number of local governments trying to take advantage of Assembly Bill 811, a state solar law passed in July that authorizes cities and counties to establish the long-term payment plans.

Berkeley and Palm Desert have their financing plans in place. Officials in San Diego, Encinitas and the county recently announced similar proposals but haven't put their projects out to bid.

Cities will use the financing as a tool to help meet their targets for reducing carbon emissions, said Andrew McAllister, director of programs at the California Center for Sustainable Energy.

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