Friday, January 30, 2009

Marriage Class

Ryan and I are heading to a Night About Marriage this evening at North Coast. We are planning on attending the breakout session of The Art of Love & Respect.

Friday, January 30, 7:00-9:00 PM
Event cost: $10/couple
Child care for the event: $10/child, family max $25

Chris Brown will be our introductory speaker on the trials of marriage.

We’ll offer 5 breakout workshops you can pick from. For planning purposes, when registering let us know which session you are most interested in. You can change your mind the night of the event:

Dave Enns – Fighting Fair—Working Through Disagreements & Conflicts
You ever feel stuck in a conflict over the smallest issues? Did you know that disagreements can be a sign of health in your relationship? This workshop will help equip you with the tools to “fight fair” and work through the conflicts you encounter along the way to, not only survive, but also appreciate each other in a greater way.
Ned Mervich – Grounds for a Great Marriage- Appreciating Our Differences As Men And Women.
Every marriage is a mosaic of differences that each of the partners bring into the marriage. Some of the differences are quite complimentary, adding color and depth to the relationship. Other differences are not at all complementary, often resulting in conflict and tension. In this seminar we’ll look at two of the most common of these seemingly contradictory differences — male-female differences and personality differences.
JD Larson – The Art of Love & Respect - Learning to Speak Their Language
It’s hard to believe, but even after years of marriage you may not know what language your spouse speaks. That is, the language they use to give and receive love. Your relationship may have reached the “crazy cycle” where respect isn’t given without love and love isn’t given without respect. This workshop will be partly based on Dr. Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages and Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ Love And Respect as well as some other fundamental truths about mastering the art of love and respect.
Holly Barrett– Love Busters, the Basics of a Dynamic Marriage
Why would any of us hurt the one we promised to love and cherish? We’ll look at how to identify and overcome habits that destroy romantic love and instead change our behavior to focus on building our love for each other. For all the differences men and women have, they still want the same thing: satisfying, loving relationships. Take the time to learn habits that meet the most important emotional needs of yourself and your spouse.
David and Lisa Frisbie – Happily Remarried
Dr. David & Lisa Frisbie are Christian family counselors, authors of ten books and dozens of articles about married life, often focusing on remarried couples. They are nationally recognized experts on the post-divorce family: single parents, remarried couples, blended and stepfamilies. They have been a part of our North Coast family for the past decade.

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