Friday, January 16, 2009


We are taking a road trip up to Santa Cruz this weekend. Ryan, Kevin and I are piling in Kevin's car after work today (I'll be taking the train up to Irvine to meet them after they get off at 5) and driving up to Santa Cruz. Google maps says it will take us a little over 6 hours, so hopefully factoring in LA traffic and such on a Friday evening we will make it there by midnight. I don't know much about what we are doing this weekend other than that we are hanging out, going to a Big Foot museum, checking out the Church that Kevin used to go to when he lived up there, etc. Ryan always said that I would love Santa Cruz, explaining it like it was a California Ann Arbor, so I am pumped to check it out. I am sure I will have plenty of pictures and stories to retell when we get back. Which reminds me, Monday is MLK Day so we won't be heading back down to So Cal until Monday afternoon (so you won't see any updates till after that).

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

have a blast...and be ever so careful!!!!!