Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prayer for Israel

I got this email from Todd (a friend that Ryan actually lived with when he first moved out to San Diego) and wanted to pass it along to ask for your prayer support for Israel.

As many of you know Isr@el and H@mas are engaged in a war as of Saturday. Please remember to pray for Isr@el during this time. They have sat back long enough while H@mas (a terrost organization bent on the destruction of Isr) launched rocket after rocket into Israeli towns, targeting innocent civilians. Now Isr. has no choice but to use military force to put H@mas out of business. Isr@el has recruited thousands of reserves into active duty (males remain in the reserves until they are 50 years old). I talked to my good friend there and he said it's pretty tense. There's a chance he may get called into action too.

Please pray along with me for the following things:
-Wisdom and discernment for Isr. leaders as they make very important decisions.
-Angelic protection of Isr. troops as they fight an evil terrorist org.
-Protection of civilians on both sides of the battle.
-That Isr. would draw near to God during this time and that they would come to know their Messiah.
-That the Palistini@ns would come to know the peace that only Jesus can bring.
-Lastly, please pray that my friend Hani would not get recruited to war.

I can't help to think how amazing and Soveriegn God is. He allowed us to go to Isr and get all the footage we needed for our promo film on Isr surfers and get out just in time.

The promo film will be done by tomorrow and I hope to have all of you over to my parents house to get a sneak preview sometime in January. I can't wait for all of you to see it! I will send out an email with a date and time.


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Anonymous said...

Also, pray that Israel will agree to a cease fire.

Civilian deaths are running at least 10 to 1 (palestinian to israeli) during this attempt to put Hamas out of business.