Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wedding Gift

I know it is 2 months after the wedding, but we are actually still getting wedding gifts (well, the reason it is 2+ months after the wedding is because it was mailed to my old job after the wedding, which means I no longer worked there and it didn't arrive there for another 4 weeks or so after the wedding (because I went in there about 3 weeks afterwards to pick up a few gifts and say hellos) and since it is about 45 minutes south or so I haven't been able to go down there and get it so we had to wait until the runner from Cass was coming up this way and would be able to bring it my the apartment). The Schmidt's sent a very 'non-traditional' wedding gift, but I think we will get a TON of use out of them... Also, they are life time warranty, so if anything ever breaks it will be like getting a whole new wedding gift all over again :) Check out the pictures below :)

Craftsman is the coolest!! Made in the USA!! WHOO HOO!!

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Keira said...

Interesting!! You got really wonderful wedding gifts...