Monday, October 13, 2008

Fire Season

October starts fire season. I think the reason that it is so scary is because this is one of the forces of nature that you have to FIGHT (as opposed to tornadoes and such that you just let come through - wild fires are up to human interaction to stop). Last week there was a fire burning on Camp Pendleton. They got it out. Today starts a new fire on Camp Pendleton.

New fire burning on Camp Pendleton

At approximately 3 p.m. today, Monday, October 13, residents in the area of Sleeping Indian and Wilshire reported they could see flames from a fire.

North County Fire has informed the Village News that the fire is on Camp Pendleton and burning toward the west. Public Information Officer John Buchanan said homes in the Fallbrook area are not at risk at this time.

Watch this Web site for updates as they become available.


Monday, Oct. 13, 3:55 p.m.

Camp Pendleton Fire reports that the fire is completely on the Marine Corps Base and located in the Southern portion near the San Luis Rey (Vandergrift) gate.

Some news sources are saying some housing developments on Papagallo Road and Alexandrine Court are at risk, but officials on Base say no structures are being threatened. However, horses located in a riding area on Base have been temporarily moved.

I just wanted to let everyone know (in case you saw it on the news or anything like that), we are okay... Only some of the military housing is being evacuated (the difficulty with Camp Pendleton is that it is A LOT of open area, so fires have a lot of ammo to burn through). We can see the smoke from our place, but we can also hear the HUGE airplanes making drops, so I am confident that they should be able to get it under control. PS AS I WAS TYPING THIS THE WATER PLANE FLEW OVER THE APARTMENT COMPLEX, NOT MORE THAN 500 FEET ABOVE THE ROOF TO GO TO THE OCEAN TO PICK UP MORE WATER.


none said...

I'm in Southern Orange County and can see the smoke from my deck.
Be safe.


cpm said...

You too!! I am in Oceanside (by the pier, so not right on the border of Camp Pendleton, but close enough to watch the planes come in to get the water and see and smell the smoke).