Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Starting Fresh

Ryan and I will be staying in California for Thanksgiving. I told myself earlier that if we stayed out in San Diego for Thanksgiving then I wanted to sign up to run in a 5k. Originally we were going to be flying back, but once we looked into the time we would actually get to be able to spend relaxing (and NOT traveling) we figured it wouldn't be as worth it as we originally thought - so about two weeks ago we decided we would be staying out here. Oceanside is hosting a 5k, called the O'side Turkey Trot. The course is actually just one street west of our apartment (which would be wonderful to train on). Today I started training for the race. I figured today would be as good of a day as any (especially since it is the first of the month). I went out and ran about a mile. I haven't mapped it all out (but from the map of the race it seems like I ran about a third of the whole course) but I think I did fairly well for my first day out. I ran the entire time and the only issue I had was my breathing (my body wasn't tired, it was more difficult to control my breathing). Anyway, today is the start of the running process. I am hoping that I can continue running after the race, but at least for right now I will be planning on running 5-6 days a week (taking off Saturdays and maybe Tuesdays). I don't need to win the race on Thanksgiving, I just want to finish (and hopefully run it all non-stop). I have a little less than 2 months to train, but hey, it is only 3.1 miles. :) I CAN DO IT!!


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Cool, good luck!