Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh Kwame

Judge Orders Detroit Mayor Jailed

DETROIT — Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick was taken to the county jail Thursday and will spend at least one night there for violating his bond.

Mr. Kilpatrick is fighting perjury and other felony charges, but has refused calls to resign. Judge Ronald Giles of the 36th District Court in Detroit ordered that he be jailed because of a visit he made on July 23 to Windsor, Ontario, on the opposite shore of the Detroit River.

The mayor’s lawyers sought an immediate appeal, but the circuit court judge who will take up the matter put off a hearing until Friday morning.

Mayor Kilpatrick apologized to Judge Giles for violating the terms of his bond, which required court approval for any travel outside of Michigan, and promised that he would not make such a mistake again. He also noted that he had asked his young sons to watch the hearing so they could see their father admit wrongdoing.

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Web Designer said...

I can't even go there with this guy. I don't understand him. He needs Jesus.
I'll probably get blasted for saying all of that - but the guy blows me away.