Friday, August 29, 2008


Bula - which means HELLO or WELCOME in Fijian. :) We are back!! The honeymoon was amazing. We stayed 4 nights in Nadi (which is the largest of the Fijian islands) and then 4 nights on Taveuni (which is the garden island of the Fijian islands). I am uploading pictures (but doing it at Panera, so it is taking a long time to load them, so I may have to wait to do them all), so there will be about a thousand for you all to look at (I think Ryan has about 500 pictures and I have about 600). Both of the islands were great, but much different. The first place we stayed at was called First Landing Resort. It is where they say that the first Fijians landed in about 1500BC (hence the name First Landing :) ). It was on the island of Nadi and was about 30 minutes or so away from the international airport. We did some kayaking, but just mostly a lot of relaxing. We hung out by the pool, did a lot of reading, etc. It was absolutely beautiful there (which I hope you can tell from some of the pictures). While we were there we did some crab racing (we all chose a hermit crab and 'trained them' and tried to race them... our crab - Michael Phelps did NOT bring home another gold). We then flew over to Taveuni (on a small puddle jumper plane that held about 12 people, and YES we did have to get on a scale to get weighed before getting on the plane to make sure we would be able to take off and everything). We stayed at the resort called Paradise. It was amazing! Very different. It felt a lot more authentic (very small, only 10 places for people to stay, etc). We went snorkeling a lot (which means we have a bunch of under water pictures to load too), laid by the pool, went on a tour of some of the villages (like real tours, where we had to give gifts to the chief of the village so that we would be allowed to look around, etc). We had a ton of fun!! I did get food poisoning, which was real bad, but at least my WONDERFUL husband came through big time - hehe, welcome to marriage Ryan :). There is a ton of stuff to tell, but honestly I am running on Diet soda and can't really seem to think of it all yet (I think when I go through all of the pictures I will be able to put stories in the captions - but don't feel bad if you can't look through all 1000+ at once). Thanks for all of the prayers for safe travels and whatnot, it was AMAZING!!

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