Monday, December 3, 2007

JBT Videos

So Friday night Ryan and I went to see John Butler Trio at a venue in San Diego (4th & B). The opener was Brett Dennen, who I have heard before and liked. They put on a good show. John Butler Trio came out around 9:15 or so and played until 11:30. It was a great show. I took video and a bunch of photos. The video below is John playing the song Ocean. The song is about 11+ minutes, but I had to split it up into 2 videos (the first is posted on YouTube and the second is posted on DivShare). It is just instrumental. He does some amazing work on the guitar (especially since he is picking a 12 string, crazy).

John Butler Trio - Part 1 of the song Ocean

John Butler Trio - Part 2 of the song Ocean

The concert was great. It was pouring outside and actually the ceiling started to drip all over so it seemed as though it was raining inside too, hehe. Here are a few pictures:
Brett Dennen:

John Butler:

John singing/talking into the pick up of his guitar:

John Butler:

Check out the rest of the pictures from the show here.

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